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Coal ash accountability: keep our drinking water safe from corporate polluters!

Under the pretense of "doing good," our leaders in the House passed a weak coal ash bill that leaves North Carolina's drinking water at great risk for future contamination and environmental disasters. This is unacceptable. We deserved better from House leadership to put the people of this state first and not corporate polluters.

Join us in holding our leadership accountable! House Speaker Thom Tillis had an opportunity to improve the Senate coal ash bill. Instead, it left the NC House including:

  • More loopholes for Duke Energy to ignore a strict timetable for coal ash cleanup
  • Weakened protections for North Carolina's drinking water
  • Potential risk for further contamination due to "capping-in-place" options without a liner or any other separation between coal ash and water supplies
  • Potentially placing financial burdens on Duke Energy's ratepayers - not the corporation who actually caused the environmental calamity

What we need from you:

  1. Call Speaker Tillis at (919) 733-3451 and demand that he exercises his leadership to address the deficiencies in the House bill
  2. Tell us below that you made the call and provide any additional details from your conversation with Speaker Tillis and/or his staff
  3. Watch & share our new ad on coal ash accountability to encourage more North Carolinians to stand up and demand protections for our drinking water.

Thank you for fighting on behalf of our state's precious natural resources!

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