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Scoring Legislators

Do your elected officials care about the environment?

The first step in holding an elected official accountable is to know the score: how they voted on bills and decisions that affect our air, water, and land. NCLCV provides the resources you need to learn who really cares about the environment—our Legislative Scorecard tracks the voting records for critical legislation that affects our environment.

Many candidates and elected officials say they support clean air and clean water, but when it comes to passing stronger environmental laws for protecting North Carolina's resources and communities, they don't always act accordingly.

NCLCV wants you to know how THEY vote on critical environmental issues before you cast YOUR vote at the ballot box.

The Legislative Scorecard gives you critical information about how well (~or not so well) your elected officials are doing on their environmental decision-making... and it lets our elected officials know that we're watching them.

Find out who represents you here. Then see how your legislators are voting, please see the Scorecards below.


Our 2015 Legislative Scorecard is here! Check it out>>

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