2024 Green Tie Awards

Join Us

for a special event

green tie

May 22nd, 2024

5:30 to 8:00 pm

Merrimon-Wynne House
500 N Blount St, Raleigh

Special guests:
Attorney General Josh Stein, Keynote Speaker

Awardees to be announced soon.

This year’s event will be in person at the Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh.

All sponsors will be recognized on our website beforehand, on-screen during the event, and in our Conservation Insider Bulletin afterwards. Sponsors at the $2,500 level and above will be recognized by the emcee during the event as well.

Thank You to Our 2024 Sponsors

Sustainable Green Tie

includes 10 tickets, special recognition


Walker & Marjorie Rayburn • Jeff & Lari Hatley Carrie Clark  Jim Overton & Mary Babcock Montcastleas

Gold Tie

includes 8 tickets

White Tie

includes 6 tickets

Greg & Bryna Rapp • Doug & Lissa Rader • Trip Van Noppen Rep. 

Rep. Cynthia Ball and Dave Aspens • The Hon. Rufus and Linda Edmisten

Black Tie

includes 4 tickets

 Adam & Jane Stein •  Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin

Silk Tie

includes 2 tickets



Dr. Lawrence Cahoon Nancy Young • Joel Porter  

Mary Beth Powell & Bill Rote • Jim Smith • Lavon Page

*Sponsorship made to NCLCV Foundation

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