You, Me and the Rules Review Commission

2016 Stanback Intern Nick Younger explores one of the most important yet least known decision-making bodies in North Carolina: the Rules Review Commission.

What is happening to our experts?

Folks, we interrupt your Thursday afternoon with a burning question: What competent scientist would want to work for an administration that they know won’t hesitate to slander, vilify, and publicly hang them out to dry for simply doing their jobs conscientiously? Based on the course of actions over the last week involving the McCrory Administration, […]

May the odds be ever in your favor

State toxicologist testifies McCrory administration knew of health risks to homeowners but reversed ‘do-not-drink’ letters regardless.

Meet 2016 Stanback Intern: Cheryl Ross

1) Where is home for you? I’m originally from Michigan and have previously lived in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. I’ve been in North Carolina for the past 10 years and consider it home. This is where I’m raising my three children and this is where we hope to stay when my husband retires from the […]

2016 Stanback Intern: Meet Nick Younger

1) Where is home for you? I am from Boone in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I like to say I’m a born and raised North Carolinian, but I did find myself in Louisiana for a time perfecting my skills “wrasslin’ gators” and the like. Except for that, I’ve lived only in North Carolina […]

Meet 2016 Stanback Intern: Jesse Way

1) Where is home for you? I spent my younger years in the suburbs of Massachusetts, where apple orchards and golf courses abound. My true formative years, however, were spent at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. Upon graduation, I moved back to the great state of Massachusetts to live and work in Boston. […]

Income tax ‘cap’ threatens our environmental safeguards

You may wonder: why is an environmental group tangling in a bill with a provision to place a cap on individual income tax? We’ll give you an answer: because it matters. We believe that all North Carolinians deserve the best quality of life possible. That means having healthy air to breathe and clean water to […]

Buffers matter. Here’s why:

Buffers are nature’s first line of defense for protecting our communities from flooding and drinking water from contamination. Why are our elected leaders trying to do away with them?

In remembrance: Everett Bowman

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, Everett Bowman, a  dedicated conservationist and NCLCV Board Member, passed away after a long battle with cancer. During his time with our organization, Everett wore his values on his sleeves, ensuring that everyone understood the critical need to protect our surroundings and our natural resources. Our hearts and prayers extend […]