Calling Out the Hogs

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of several environmental groups challenges the constitutionality of two state laws which attempt to strip neighbors of their rights to sue industrial hog farms for pollution. Plaintiffs include the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network. The complaint was filed last week in state court, asking that the relevant sections of… Continue Reading Calling Out the Hogs

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Fighting Attacks on Renewable Energy

Legislative allies of the fossil fuel industry have stepped up their attacks on clean, renewable energy sources in the North Carolina General Assembly. Environmental advocates are fighting back. Last week, NCLCV’s legislative Hotlist bulletin called out two bills which seek to undercut solar and wind energy development by adding “excessive regulations and costs.” Ironically, these… Continue Reading Fighting Attacks on Renewable Energy

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Unhealthy Air and the Trump Dirty Power Plan

Unhealthy air days are on the rise this summer, and Trump’s newly unveiled Dirty Power Plan would make the problem even worse. Last week, the Trump Administration announced it had finalized its replacement for the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which was struck down by a federal court in 2016. Misleadingly labeled their “Affordable Clean… Continue Reading Unhealthy Air and the Trump Dirty Power Plan

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