Tillis: Support Clean Energy, Not Big Oil!

For years, the clean energy industry has been one of the fastest-growing job creators in North Carolina. In fact, the Tar Heel State ranks in the top 10 nationwide across clean energy categories such as solar power and energy efficiency, and we have the second-highest installed solar capacity in the country. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that growth is at serious risk. Over 26,000 clean energy jobs were lost in March and April alone. Click here to sign our petition to protect North Carolina’s clean energy jobs!

Instead of advocating for good-paying jobs for North Carolinians, Sen. Thom Tillis sent a letter asking the Federal Reserve and Treasury use CARES Act relief funds to bail out fossil fuel producers based largely out-of-state.  

American taxpayers have been bailing out coal and oil companies for generations with roughly $20 billion per year in subsidies – not to mention the costs of cleaning up the messes they leave behind. We can’t afford for Sen. Tillis to prioritize Kentucky coal companies or Texas oil companies over hard-working North Carolinians like you.

Congress is debating where to direct the next rounds of COVID-19 relief. We need Sen. Tillis to be on our side.

Sign our petition today! Tell Sen. Tillis we need a recovery package that builds safer, healthier communities powered by clean energy produced right here in North Carolina, not out-of-state fossil fuels.

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