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Accountability Campaign

It's time for a change!  If a legislative session ever demonstrated the truth that "who we elect matters," it was the 2011-2012 North Carolina General Assembly.  It's time for conservationists in our state to step up and work together to take back the future of our state for a clean, green, and beautiful North Carolina.

Here's a first step.  Contribute today to the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters election accountability campaign for legislators.

The 2011-2012 legislative session adjourned on July 3.  From weakening our air toxics protections, to legalizing fracking without the proper health and property protections in place, to undermining the state's ability to prepare for sea level rise by limiting the use of sound science (but only for 4 years), to defunding our state agency tasked with enforcing environmental laws, to a host of other bad decisions... We need to tell our electeds that "That Wasn't Right!"

On July 4th, the day after this disastrous legislative session adjourned, NCLCV turned our sights to holding our legislators accountable for these bad decisions. And we have till November 6th. Your support today means that NCLCV can work in key districts to support or oppose candidates, let the voters know how the decisions made by their electeds are going to impact their communities, their landscapes, their drinking water, and make sure everyone knows that the most important thing we can do for the environment is vote for candidates who share our environmental values.

Goal = $10,000 in 10 days  |  Final = $6,100 (and still counting!)

Please make a non-tax deductible* donation today!!

100 people like you, investing $100 today, is $10,000 we can use to help support our environmental champions or oppose some of the most anti-environmental legislators. And be assured, we'll be working strategically where we can have the most impact on our issues. We need to make sure our voice is loud enough to be heard in the next legislative session!

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* Contributions or gifts to NCLCV are not tax deductible as charitable contibutions for Federal income tax purposes. NCLCV is a 501(c)(4) social welfare, lobbying organization under the Federal tax code. Your donation helps us maintain a full-time voice for the environment at the General Assembly—where the decisions impacting North Carolina’s environment are being made.

If tax-deductibility is important to you, please consider making a contribution to the NC League of Conservation Voters Foundation. Call 919.839.0006 for more information.

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