Are You Kidding Me?

Last week, President Donald Trump gave a speech declaring himself an environmental champion. This is the same Donald Trump who: Made the United States the only country to withdraw from the critical Paris Climate Agreement to fight the climate crisis Directed his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff to repeal the Clean Power Plan, which was… Continue Reading Are You Kidding Me?

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EPA Seeks to Silence Community Voices

It’s a standard play from the polluter-friendly playbook: Change the rules so that only polluters get a seat at the negotiating table. The Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to release a change in rules which would bar impacted individuals or community groups from appealing pollution permits to the agency’s appeals board. But… Continue Reading EPA Seeks to Silence Community Voices

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Algae Blooms Return

Large-scale algae blooms have returned to the Albemarle Sound, Chowan River, and other northeastern North Carolina coastal waters after being largely absent for almost 30 years. Coastal scientists are searching for precise causes for the return of these toxic, fish-killing phenomena. Rising nutrient pollution of the state’s estuaries had made algae blooms a serious and… Continue Reading Algae Blooms Return

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Budget Veto Override, Rate Hike Bill Still Stalled

The top Republican leadership in the North Carolina General Assembly unsuccessfully continued to press Democrats to defect from upholding Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto last week. Tell your legislators to stand with Gov. Cooper and sustain his veto! Despite another week of attempted arm-twisting and political bribery, however, House leaders pulled back from bringing the… Continue Reading Budget Veto Override, Rate Hike Bill Still Stalled

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