Overall, Governor McCrory earns an F for the actions taken this year. He put our communities, economy, and public health at risk by failing to protect our environment.

No matter which environmental or public health issue, Governor Pat McCrory prioritizes polluters before people. He openly ignores scientific evidence to address pressing environmental issues and selects political appointees who will follow suit. Governor McCrory spends too much time behind closed doors with his former employer, Duke Energy, leaving him out of touch with the everyday struggles of North Carolina citizens and the impacts of his policies.

Because the governor does not vote on bills, the basis of his grade comes from what he signs into law, public statements, and other executive actions.

2016 Report Card Breakdown

Ending a contract with the State Attorney General’s office, resulting in fewer legal positions available at DEQ to enforce environmental protections, as a political attack against Attorney General Roy Cooper

Grade: F

Vetoing SB71, but later supporting the more harmful HB630, further delaying coal ash cleanup in North Carolina

Grade: D

Supporting oil & gas drilling off North Carolina’s coast and vocally criticizing President Obama’s ban on oil drilling in the Atlantic

Grade: F

Allowing state environment and health officials to lift “do not drink” advisories on residents near coal ash ponds, despite evidence that water is contaminated

Grade: F

Holding meetings behind closed doors with Duke Energy and DEQ during the heart of coal ash talks and trying to downplay public health risks of a known cancer-causing contaminant found in citizens’ wells near coal ash ponds

Grade: F

Overall 2016 Grade: F