Dan Crawford
Director of Governmental Relations Dan Crawford

Dan joined NCLCV in 2008, after serving for several years on our Conservation PAC committee. Before joining NCLCV, he lobbied for ElectriCities of NC, a non profit governmental agency that represents cities and towns that operate their own electric distribution systems—bringing a unique perspective to his advocacy efforts on energy issues. Prior to this, he worked for Congressman Brad Miller (NC-13) for nearly five years. In this capacity he worked as finance coordinator, field director, and campaign coordinator across three campaigns, and as district liaison in his congressional office. Fresh out of college, he worked for the Senate sponsor of the NC Clean Smokestacks Bill that gave NC some of the most stringent clean air rules in the nation in 2002. Dan brings a particularly political perspective to his work at NCLCV, which makes him well suited to enforcing a strong cycle of accountability. Dan graduate from NC State University with a BA in Political Science. A native North Carolinian from Asheville, Dan emphasizes that he is an environmentalist by birth, but with two little girls at home, he is committed to holding our legislators accountable for protecting our environment.

(919) 839-0006 x102 dan@nclcv.org