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The NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is the state’s leading pragmatic, nonpartisan voice for our state’s environment.

Members like you are fighting for clean air, clean water, and clean energy for every North Carolinian. Join us in that fight now!

2023 Green Tie Awards

We are hosting our annual Green Tie Awards to honor environmental champions who have stepped up and spoken out on our issues at the General Assembly and in the public.

Current Issues

Climate Crisis

State of the Union is Cleaner
Biden’s Clean Energy Plan is a huge step forward on climate– and there is more to do.
Joining the Call for Reliable Renewables
NC’s renewable energy infrastructure did not freeze or fail.
Learning the Lessons from a Cold, Dark Week in December
The gift no one wanted.
Falling Biodiversity, the Other Global Environmental Crisis
Loss in biodiversity is a problem that overlaps with the climate crisis
Wetlands Are Part of the Climate Solution
Conservationists have long emphasized the essential role of wetlands.
US Senate Stays Blue, and Could Still Get Greener
Climate advocates will be watching GA runoff.

Clean Energy

State of the State
NC is a clean energy destination!
Unaffordable Nuclear
Renewable energy wins on cost and reliability.
State of the Union is Cleaner
Biden’s Clean Energy Plan is a huge step forward on climate– and there is more to do.
Coal Costs NC Twice as Much as Solar
And that’s why they want to raise your rates.
Cooper Releases Detailed Carbon Action Plan
See how Duke’s Carbon Plan scores.
Duke Must Improve Transmission Connections to Avoid Future Blackouts
Avoiding more rolling blackouts should be a higher priority than shareholder profits.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Urge Congress: It’s Time to Pass a Climate Bill!
We must pass the Inflation Reduction Act to make it cleaner and cheaper to power our homes and cars!
It’s Time for Polluters to Pay
Urge your state legislators to pass the bipartisan PFAS Polluter Liability bill!
Tell Senators: Guarantee Everyone’s Freedom to Vote
Urge them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act!
Urge Gov. Cooper to Join Climate Coalition!
11 neighboring states are cutting emissions and power bills while creating jobs. Let’s join them!
Thank Biden for Acting on Climate!
He marshaled his entire administration to tackle this urgent crisis. Thank him!
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Right now, you can be a voice for North Carolina’s people and natural resources. Sign a petition. Contact your elected officials. Demand accountability from corporate polluters. Spread the word to your friends and networks through email and social media.

NCLCV provides you with scorecards on how your elected officials voted on environmental issues, insider email updates, and information on how you can get involved in protecting your community. 

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Holding Leaders Accountable

NCLCV is the state’s leading pragmatic, nonpartisan voice for protecting our state’s environment.

North Carolinians, from the mountains to the sea, share a belief in protecting our air and water, maintaining the health of our communities, and ensuring our quality of life. Our elected officials have not always prioritized these values. That’s why our work is critical.

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