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When you stand up for the environment, you’re protecting more than beautiful beaches or a great hiking trail — you’re creating healthy change right in your community. Protecting the environment can actually lower power bills, improve the air you breathe, and safeguard your home.

Contact your elected officials, sign a petition, or demand accountability from corporate polluters!

Action Alerts

Here are the latest ways you can take action to protect the environment.

Tell Trump: #SaveUSPS and Fire DeJoy
Our democracy and our very lives are under attack by Trump’s postmaster. He’s got to go!
Tillis: Support Clean Energy, Not Big Oil!
Sen. Tillis fights for out-of-state oil bailouts instead of NC clean energy jobs. Tell him no!
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Survey: How Can We Engage with You?
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A Clean Economy for All. Tell Tillis and Burr to act!
Send them a message: we need a fossil fuel-free economy now!
Tell Tillis: Speak up for clean cars!
Tell Tillis to fight Trump’s fuel efficiency rollbacks!
Clean Energy Plan for North Carolina. SIGN OUR PETITION!
Gov. Cooper has proposed a bold plan to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050…
Tillis: Protect Our Coast from Drilling!
From Day One, Thom Tillis has been itching to drill off North Carolina’s coast…
Tell your legislators to uphold the budget veto!
Gov. Cooper vetoed legislators’ bad budget bill because it threatens North Carolinians…
Gov. Cooper to Duke: Clean Up Your Coal Ash Mess. THANK HIM!
Gov. Cooper is going to make Duke Energy dig up all their toxic coal ash to keep us safe…
Clean Energy for All! Power North Carolina 100% by Renewables by 2050
With climate change already harming our health and way of life…

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Know The Score


Know How Your Elected Officials Scored

Many elected officials say they support the environment, but they don’t always act accordingly. We want you to know how they vote on critical environmental issues before you cast your vote at the ballot box.

Ask Candidates Where They Stand!

During every election, you should find out where your candidates stand on issues affecting our environment. 

Attend candidate forums, ask questions, visit their campaign websites. Get them on the record for their positions on clean air, safe water, land conservation, holding polluters accountable, and better transit options. Then, hold them accountable.

Our Conservation Political Action Committee (CPAC) makes political endorsements for pro-environmental candidates in legislative and statewide races, and raises money to help elect these candidates. While we know that all elections – local to federal – are critical, our focus remains on the state legislature and other statewide offices. 

Visit the Conservation PAC website to find out who we are endorsing.




Vote to Share Your Voice

Whether it’s your schools, the park you walk your dogs in, the roads you drive on, the air you breathe, or our economy — our elected officials are making decisions that directly impact our daily lives.

What happens when you don’t vote? People who don’t share your values are elected to office.  Legislators can argue that they are fulfilling the mandate of their constituents. 

If we turn out and elect candidates who share our environmental values and priorities, then we can turn the tide against elected officials who vote against protections for our environment and communities. 

Our goal: Let’s elect a General Assembly that truly reflects the environmental values shared by North Carolinians across the state.

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