Speak Up For More Fuel Efficient Vehicles!

As we continue the transition to electric vehicles, it’s more important than ever to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels from all angles. Gas powered vehicles are beginning their decline, so we need to make sure new cars hitting the road are the most efficient they can possibly be. 

As environmentalists, we need to show up and speak out to make sure our cars are the most efficient they can be. Less fuel used means fewer fossil fuel emissions in our atmosphere and lower costs at the pump. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is holding a virtual public hearing on September 28th  to hear public feedback on fuel efficiency rules. Register here to join us in advocating for more fuel efficient cars, trucks, and SUVs! The deadline to register is September 22nd, so sign up as soon as possible to make your voice heard! 

If you don’t want to speak but do want to contribute, details for submitting written comments (due October 16th) can be found here.

When: September 28th, 9 am – 6 pm. Please note when you register, you will be given an option to request either a morning or evening time. The NHTSA will contact you with an estimated time to testify closer to the hearing. 

Where: Virtual 

Need help with testimony? Or have other questions? Email Meech Carter at meech@nclcv.org.

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