2008 Green Tie Awards

The 2008 Green Tie Awards Dinner on July 15 was again hosted by NCLCV president, Nina Szlosberg.

Laura Leslie, Capital Bureau Chief at WUNC Public Radio provided insights on the workings of the General Assembly in “Tales from Isaac Hunter’s Tavern.”

2008 Representative of the Year - Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfied

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfied received the Representative of the Year Award from NCLCV President, Nina Szlosberg. Rep. Farmer-Butterfield’s passionate advocacy has made her a respected voice in the State House. In 2007, she impressed the environmental community by proposing an amendment to the renewable energy bill (S3) which, if adopted, would have given preference to hog-to energy systems that use cleaner technology.

2008 Freshman of the Year - Representative Charles Thomas

Representative Charles Thomas received the Freshman of the Year Award in 2008 because he quickly made a mark as a strong voice for the environment in his first term. Thomas sponsored H2720, which would require that the State purchase only passenger vehicles in the top 15% of fuel efficiency for cars in their class.

2008 Defender of the Environment - President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight

President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight was awarded the Defender of the Environment Award. Senator Basnight has been a consistent defender of North Carolina’s coast: he has championed the restoration of shellfish habitat, advocated successfully for protection of our endangered waterways, and was the principle legislative force behind the creation of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Staff Matty Lazo-Chadderton received the award in his honor.

2008 Catalyst Award - NCLCV awarded the Catalyst Award to Governor James B. Hunt

NCLCV awarded the Catalyst Award to Governor James B. Hunt for strong ongoing leadership on environmental issues outside the Legislature. Governor Hunt used his “2008 Emerging Issues Forum” to focus North Carolina’s attention on energy issues. He initiated a thought-provoking conversation on energy independence, climate change, and economic development opportunities available in a new energy economy, before these were household words. The result was a broad, statewide consensus to plan North Carolina’s energy future. Anita Brown-Graham, Executive Director, Institute for Emerging Issues accepted the award on Gov. Hunt’s behalf.

2008 Senator of the Year - Senator Charlie Albertson

Senator Charlie Albertson received the Senator of the Year Award for his years of service as the long-time chair of the Environment, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee. He ran the committee with an even hand and a keen wit. His pragmatic, yet progressive, perspective on energy matters and climate change, his strong commitment to funding our natural resource trust funds, and his strong role on improving our solid waste management make him a standout amongst our legislators.

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