2024 Green Tie Awards Recap

Since 2007, NCLCV has been hosting the Green Tie events to honor leaders who are willing to fight for our environment, our communities, and our democracy. 

Keynote Speaker – Attorney General Josh Stein

NCLCV had the honor of hosting Attorney General Josh Stein as the 2024 Green Tie Awards keynote speaker.

Born and raised in Chapel Hill and Charlotte, Josh Stein has risen as an influential community member in North Carolina. Before beginning a career in North Carolina politics, Stein obtained his Bachelor’s of Art from Dartmouth College, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of the Government. Stein’s passion for social progress led him to run for Attorney General in 2017 where he has since committed to make communities safer and protect North Carolinians from corporate fraud and pollution. In 2024, Josh Stein secured his candidacy as the Democratic nominee for the North Carolina gubernatorial race against the Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. 

In his remarks, Attorney General Stein noted several landmark cases his administration won on behalf of North Carolinians. In 2020, his case successfully required Chemours to pay $12 million for their intentional pollution of the Cape Fear River. In 2021, he secured $1.1 billion in ratepayer savings from Duke Energy when they were forced to clean up their coal ash spills.

Having grown up in North Carolina, Stein said he does this work because he loves his state. He and his wife have raised their kids in NC, and they want to protect the environment so all families, regardless of race, income status, or other circumstance will be able to raise their kids here safely. In an analogy, he likened North Carolina to a garden, and everyone has their part in caring for it. Stein emphasized part of caring for families is acting on the climate crisis to prepare for hotter temperatures and more frequent flooding and hurricanes.

Watch AG Stein’s full address here.

2024 Defender of the Environment - Representative Pricey Harrison

Representative Pricey Harrison earned NCLCV’s most distinguished legislative award: the Defender of the Environment. Representative Harrison was first elected in 2004, and over the last 20 years, NCLCV has recognized her and her advocacy on five separate occasions. In honor of Harrison’s unwavering commitment to the environment throughout her career, NCLCV executive director Carrie Clark announced they are renaming the award as the Pricey Harrison Defender of the Environment Award. 

Watch Rep. Harrison’s full speech here

2024 Senator of the Year: Senator Graig Meyer

NCLCV recognized Senator Graig Meyer as the Senator of the Year. Senator Meyer has a lifetime score of 95% on environmental issues and received a score of 100% for the 2023 Legislative Scorecard. He works tirelessly to lead the fight against climate change by engaging the electorate and connecting environmental groups to the Senate. From regulating EV charging stations to ensuring accessible clean drinking water, Meyer aligns himself with NCLCV’s values to safeguard our environment and protect North Carolinians. NCLCV previously recognized him as a Rising Star during his service in the House.


Watch Sen. Meyer’s full speech here

2024 Representative of the Year: Representative John Autry

As another former rising star, Representative John Autry boasts a 100% lifetime score and has built a legacy as a dependable and outspoken advocate. As such, NCLCV recognized him with the Representative of the Year award. Representative Autry has cemented himself as a leader in environmental justice, renewable energy tax credits, and increased solar capacity by continuously sponsoring these legislative efforts. Although this is his last session before retiring, Representative Autry has left a lasting mark on the legislature as an environmental champion.

Watch Rep. Autry’s full speech here

2024 Rising Stars:

Each year, NCLCV honors up-and-coming legislators who have already demonstrated their commitment to protecting the environment and North Carolinian communities. This year, NCLCV honored the following Representatives and Senator:

Rep. Eric Ager, Rep. Gloristine Brown, Rep. Kanika Brown, Rep. Allen Buansi, Rep. Laura Budd, Rep. Maria Cervania, Rep. Frances Jackson, PhD, Rep. Ya Liu, Rep. Tim Longest, Rep. Lindsey Prather, Rep. Renée A. Price,  Rep. Caleb Rudow, Rep. Charles Smith, Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, and Sen. Lisa Grafstein



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The Hon. Terry Van Duyn • Bible Way Church of Williamston NC

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Dr. Lawrence Cahoon • Nancy Young • Joel Porter  

Mary Beth Powell & Bill Rote • Jim Smith • Lavon Page

Justine Oller* • Ethan Blumenthal • Talton Gibson • Khalilah Karim & Liz Ott 

 Michelle Burton • Michelle (Meech) Carter  The Hon. Lucy Allen 

Doris Wallace • Ty McFarland  Deborah Dicks Maxwell

Marion Sullivan • Bonnie Elam • Luther Hemby, III


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