NCLCV Endorses Stein

NCLCV Endorses Stein for Governor 2024

It’s at least a year until the 2024 primaries, but NCLCV has already hit the campaign trail with an early endorsement in the critical North Carolina governor’s contest: environmental champion and current NC Attorney General Josh Stein.

“In the race for the next Governor of North Carolina, Attorney General Josh Stein is the candidate who has a long record of fighting for the people of our state to enjoy clean air and water, a clean energy future, and a healthy democracy. We know he will continue to work tirelessly to protect us, our quality of life and invest in a clean, renewable energy economy,” said Dan Crawford, NCLCV’s director of governmental relations. 

“In addition to his aggressive environmental leadership, Attorney General Stein has taken a strong stand for democracy and our right to fairly elect our representatives,” said Carrie Clark, NCLCV executive director. “He is a champion for the citizens of our state and an unyielding opponent of special interests. As governor, we know he will lead North Carolina to a better future.”See the full news release with more details on Stein’s record of pro-environment work as Attorney General here.

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