Oppose Political Money-Laundering for Big Polluters

The Political Money-Laundering

The NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is asking concerned citizens to help fight legislation allowing major polluters and other corporations to slip their money into North Carolina political campaigns without revealing their sources. 

Major changes to North Carolina’s campaign finance laws were inserted into unrelated legislation by the NC Senate leadership, an increasingly common ploy to disguise corrupt machinations on behalf of their corporate backers. The campaign finance changes were added without debate or explanation to HB 237, which originally dealt with mask-wearing in public. 

The changes would allow state political parties to accept contributions from national “dark money” campaign committees, which can receive unlimited contributions from corporations. The state political party organizations are barred from taking such contributions directly from corporations. Opponents called the changes a “money laundering scheme” to benefit candidates favored by anonymous corporate donors. 

Opponents also noted the irony of changes designed to mask the identity of campaign contributors being added to a bill intended to bar protestors from wearing masks in public. 

Take action against political money-laundering now, by contacting your NC House representative in opposition to HB 237.

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