Poll Shows Strong Support for Clean Energy

A New NCLCVF Poll Shows Strong Support (74%) for Clean Energy and Climate Action (63%)

A new poll conducted by the NC League of Conservation Voters Foundation (NCLCVF) shows continuing strong public support for the transition to clean energy. 

A large majority of North Carolina voters (74%) say it is important for the state to increase its use of clean and renewable energy sources and reduce its use of fossil fuels (63%), which largely mirrors results from a poll NCLCVF conducted last September. Additionally, over two in three voters (68%) want North Carolina’s elected officials to make North Carolina a leader in clean energy, including clean electricity generation and manufacturing clean-energy technologies in the state.

In terms of the benefits of increasing clean energy, voters see an overwhelming positive impact to clean air and water (76%), the availability of good jobs (63%), and North Carolina’s economy (61%). Among Latino voters, 50% already see an increase in clean energy jobs in NC.

The Need for Transition

“We are excited to see such strong support from North Carolinians to increase the use of clean and renewable energy and the need to transition away from dirty fossil fuels,” said Carrie Clark, executive director for NCLCVF. 

Additionally, over half of North Carolinians recognize the rise of extreme weather events (58%) and the link to climate change (53%). This is similar to views from last year.

Weatherization, Incentives, and Mandates

Finally, North Carolina voters almost universally agree on the importance of home weatherization (90%). They also believe the government should provide incentives or financial assistance (89%) and mandate standards for new construction (79%) to ensure protection from extreme weather, meet national insurance requirements, and lower energy costs. 

President Biden’s clean energy policies, enacted last year, include funds for weatherization. Following their passage, NCLCVF participated in a coalition to develop and launch a website (https://energyfundsforall.org/) to help North Carolinians identify and apply for available funds.

Poll Details

The poll was conducted by Hart Research, one of the premiere research firms in the United States. It was an online survey of 802 registered voters in North Carolina, plus an oversample of 236 Latino voters, and was fielded May 15-21, 2024, with a margin of error of +/-3.7% (7% for the oversample). For more than 50 years, Hart Research has conducted public opinion research—at the national, state, and community levels—for candidates for public office, advocacy organizations, trade associations, foundations, and corporations.

Read more about the details and the methodology of the poll here.

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