Climate Crisis: Support Stronger Limits on Power Plant Pollution

Stronger Limits On Carbon Pollution Are Within Reach

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed stronger new limits on carbon pollution emissions from coal and methane gas fueled power plants.

But comments in support are needed now!

If adopted, the new standards would reduce limits of climate-changing carbon dioxide by up to 617 million metric tons through 2042. The new limits would also cut emissions of particulates (soot), sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide by enough to reduce premature deaths by 1,300 per year by 2030, along with major cuts to hospital and emergency room admissions, asthma attacks, school absence days, and lost workdays.

“By proposing new standards for fossil fuel-fired power plants, EPA is delivering on its mission to reduce harmful pollution that threatens people’s health and wellbeing,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “EPA’s proposal relies on proven, readily available technologies to limit carbon pollution and seizes the momentum already underway in the power sector to move toward a cleaner future. Alongside historic investment taking place across America in clean energy manufacturing and deployment, these proposals will help deliver tremendous benefits to the American people—cutting climate pollution and other harmful pollutants, protecting people’s health, and driving American innovation.”

Public support is needed now before the deadline tomorrow (Aug. 8th) for comments on the proposed new limits. Send your support now!

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