Conservation Votes PAC Announces $2M Campaign for Cooper, NCGA Candidates

Conservation Votes PAC Announces Unprecedented $2 Million Campaign Supporting Gov. Cooper, State Legislative Candidates

Television, digital, and direct mail are reaching voters across NC, now through Election Day

RALEIGH, N.C. — Today, Conservation Votes PAC, the independent expenditure PAC established by the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV), announced an unprecedented $2 million effort to re-elect Gov. Roy Cooper and to support environmental champions or oppose environmental villains in 13 key state Senate and House districts:

Senate 11Allen Wellons, Rep. Lisa BarnesJohnston, Nash
Senate 24JD Wooten, Amy GaleyAlamance, Guilford
Senate 31Terri LeGrand, Sen. Joyce KrawiecDavie, Forsyth
House 9Brian Farkas, Rep. Perrin JonesPitt
House 12Virginia Cox-Daugherty, Rep. Chris HumphreyLenoir, Pitt
House 20Adam Ericson, Rep. Ted DavisNew Hanover
House 43Kimberly Hardy, Diane WheatleyCumberland
House 45Rep. John Szoka, Frances JacksonCumberland
House 59Nicole Quick, Rep. Jon HardisterGuilford
House 63Ricky Hurtado, Rep. Stephen RossAlamance
House 74Dan Besse, Jeff ZengerForsyth
House 82Aimy Steele, Rep. Kristin BakerCabarrus
House 83Gail Young, Rep. Larry PittmanCabarrus, Rowan

Conservation Votes PAC is airing a television ad and digital ads, and sending mail to targeted voters, informing them about the incumbents’ and candidates’ records in these districts. The entire program will run through Election Day. Voters will receive multiple ads and/or direct mail pieces, but samples are available here.

With hurricane season ramping up and our public health crisis laying bare the importance of listening to science and prioritizing clean air and clean water, voters are paying attention to environmental and energy issues more than ever. Internal polling shows 47% to 54% of voters in these districts think the environment is a very important issue when deciding who to vote for. Between 56% and 66% of them support stronger emissions rules that would establish net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Voters are with us on the issues, and we’re doing everything we can to let them know what’s at stake in this election,” said Dan Crawford, director of Conservation Votes PAC. “And that is a government that puts people first. North Carolinians have had enough of being put on the backburner in favor of corporate polluters. In his second term, Gov. Cooper needs legislative partners who work with him to advance climate action, clean energy solutions, and public health protections.

In 2016, Conservation Votes PAC was instrumental in electing Cooper governor. In 2018, the PAC was one of the leading investors supporting pro-conservation candidates, helping multiply the environmental champions who have successfully sustained Cooper’s vetoes of Jones Street’s pro-polluter policies. This year, the goal is to add enough new champions to create a pro-environment legislative majority.

This information is paid for by the Conservation Votes Political Action Committee.
This message was made independent of any candidate or political party.

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