NCLCV’s Statement on Duke Energy’s Updated Carbon Plan

Michelle (Meech) Carter, Clean Energy Campaigns Director

January 31, 2024

Raleigh, N.C. — On Wednesday, January 31st, Duke Energy filed an updated version of their 2023 Carbon Plan at the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC). While HB 951 requires Duke to update the plan every two years, the NCUC has allowed Duke to change their plan at will. The NCUC exists to regulate utilities and protect the needs of consumers, yet the NCUC allows Duke to operate as a virtually unregulated monopoly. Monopolies are bad for businesses, bad for communities, and bad for the future of North Carolina.

The updated Carbon Plan once again relies too heavily on fossil gas, nuclear, and expensive infrastructure that our state does not need. Just two years ago in December of 2022, Winter Storm Elliott caused fossil gas plants to fail while renewables kept supporting our grid. However, Duke’s updated plan calls for multiple new gas plants across the Carolinas. While their new addition of offshore wind resources is commendable, Duke Energy’s buildout of renewable energy is insufficient for the Carolinas’ energy future.

Duke has dragged its feet on reliable and renewable energy like solar and wind in favor of profits for its shareholders. This updated Carbon Plan is no exception. We will see a slower transition to wind, solar, and battery storage, while North Carolina ratepayers suffer more price increases. Duke’s CEO was given a 30% raise this last year, with a total salary of over $21 million. NCUC should stand for the protection of the people, not the profits of a few.


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