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NCLCV is your eyes and ears at the legislature. We are protecting North Carolina’s land, air, water, and families. You can join the fight to make a difference now.

Current Issues

Climate Crisis

Trump: Drill, Dig, and Pipe More and Faster
His latest rule rollback would undo decades of protections against environmental and climate impacts.
A Closer Look at the Wood Pellet Industry
It’s worsening the climate crisis around the globe, and the N&O investigated.
A Message from Our Director
Executive Director Carrie Clark summarizes the 2019 legislative session.
Speaker Signals Future Climate Policy Change
Pelosi’s UN climate conference attendance showed U.S. committed to acting if power changes hands.
Complaint: Our Bills Shouldn’t Pay for Climate Denial Political Ads
Do you want Duke Energy using your power bills to stop clean energy progress?
Onshore Risks of Offshore Drilling
New report: offshore drilling would destroy our economy and environment across the state.

Clean Energy

Coal Ash — Looking at Duke’s Plans
How are they planning to comply with the order to close all their remaining pits?
A Glass Half Full
There were few legislative wins in 2019 but hope is on the horizon.
What Will New Utilities Commission Majority Mean?
Gov. Cooper’s appointees are a majority, giving advocates hope on clean energy and rate hikes.
Coal Losing to Renewables
Trump is trying to prop up coal, but he can’t stop market demand for clean energy.
Gov. Roy Cooper’s 2019 Scorecard
Where did our governor stand on our issues?
Adversaries & Allies
See who led the fight for and against your rights.

2020 Green Tie Awards

Each May, we honor our environmental champions at the annual Green Tie Awards. Join us this May 20 in Raleigh!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Action Alerts

Tell Tillis: Speak up for clean cars!
Tell Tillis to fight Trump’s fuel efficiency rollbacks!
Clean Energy Plan for North Carolina. SIGN OUR PETITION!
Gov. Cooper has proposed a bold plan to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050…
Tillis: Protect Our Coast from Drilling!
From Day One, Thom Tillis has been itching to drill off North Carolina’s coast…
Tell your legislators to uphold the budget veto!
Gov. Cooper vetoed legislators’ bad budget bill because it threatens North Carolinians…
Gov. Cooper to Duke: Clean Up Your Coal Ash Mess. THANK HIM!
Gov. Cooper is going to make Duke Energy dig up all their toxic coal ash to keep us safe…
Clean Energy for All! Power North Carolina 100% by Renewables by 2050
With climate change already harming our health and way of life…

Take Action Today

Right now, you can be a voice for North Carolina’s people and natural resources. Sign a petition. Contact your elected officials. Demand accountability from corporate polluters. Spread the word to your friends and networks through email and social media.

NCLCV provides you with scorecards on how your elected officials voted on environmental issues, insider email updates, and information on how you can get involved in protecting your community. 

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Holding Leaders Accountable

NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is the state’s leading pragmatic, nonpartisan political voice for protecting our state’s environment. 

North Carolinians, from the mountains to the sea, share a belief in protecting our air and water, maintaining the health of our communities, and ensuring our quality of life. Our elected officials have not always prioritized these values. That’s why our work is critical. 

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