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NCLCV is your eyes and ears at the legislature. We are protecting North Carolina’s land, air, water, and families. You can join the fight to make a difference now.

Current Issues

Climate Crisis

Hurricane Surge a Sign of Climate Change
Scientists say sudden strengthening of hurricanes is a sure sign of climate change.
Green Momentum as Conventions Begin
Two weeks of party nominating conventions bring the Trump and Biden records center stage.
Biden and VP Hopefuls Go Big on Climate
Biden, Harris, and Duckworth roll out ambitious climate and environmental justice plans.
Trump Guts Environmental Policy Act
His latest executive order slashes NEPA’s 50-year-old environmental protections.
Climate Crisis Committee Releases Plan
A U.S. House committee released “the most detailed climate plan in history.”
Hotlist 6/17/20: Our Summary of Gov. Cooper’s Climate Resilience Plan
It will help our state avoid and bounce back from extreme weather events.

Clean Energy

New Settlement Should Speed Solar
Duke Energy and clean energy advocates reached a deal to speed up solar projects.
Applicant Withdraws Sonic Blasting Request
A company is backing down from exploring our coast for oil but four more are waiting in the wings.
Big Oil Gets GOP Convention Love
Realizing they can’t save coal, delegates doubled down on oil at last week’s RNC.
Cal Cunningham’s Clean Campaign
The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy examines Cal’s clean energy record.
DEQ Nixes Mountain Valley Pipeline Permit
DEQ denied the MVP water permit for its intended passage through our state.
SunBlockers Threaten Southeastern Solar
A new report shows some Southern utilities hold back solar energy production.

Scoring Legislators

Know where your legislators stand on protecting your health and way of life. Then hold them accountable.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Action Alerts

Tell Trump: #SaveUSPS and Fire DeJoy
Our democracy and our very lives are under attack by Trump’s postmaster. He’s got to go!
Tillis: Support Clean Energy, Not Big Oil!
Sen. Tillis fights for out-of-state oil bailouts instead of NC clean energy jobs. Tell him no!
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A Clean Economy for All. Tell Tillis and Burr to act!
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Tell Tillis: Speak up for clean cars!
Tell Tillis to fight Trump’s fuel efficiency rollbacks!

Take Action Today

Right now, you can be a voice for North Carolina’s people and natural resources. Sign a petition. Contact your elected officials. Demand accountability from corporate polluters. Spread the word to your friends and networks through email and social media.

NCLCV provides you with scorecards on how your elected officials voted on environmental issues, insider email updates, and information on how you can get involved in protecting your community. 

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Holding Leaders Accountable

NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is the state’s leading pragmatic, nonpartisan political voice for protecting our state’s environment. 

North Carolinians, from the mountains to the sea, share a belief in protecting our air and water, maintaining the health of our communities, and ensuring our quality of life. Our elected officials have not always prioritized these values. That’s why our work is critical. 

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