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Current Issues

Climate Crisis

Trump Guts Environmental Policy Act
His latest executive order slashes NEPA’s 50-year-old environmental protections.
Climate Crisis Committee Releases Plan
A U.S. House committee released “the most detailed climate plan in history.”
Hotlist 6/17/20: Our Summary of Gov. Cooper’s Climate Resilience Plan
It will help our state avoid and bounce back from extreme weather events.
Cooper Releases Climate Resilience Plan
Gov. Cooper released North Carolina’s first climate resilience plan to help us bounce back from extreme weather.
NC Opens Door to Offshore Wind
The Cooper Administration is studying what it will take to unleash our state’s wind energy potential.
COVID Compounds Climate Injustice
The climate crisis and coronavirus are compounding existing disparities for communities of color and low income.

Clean Energy

ACP Cancelled — Now What?
Cancelling the pipeline was step one, but it left many questions in its wake.
Clean Energy Groups Reach Deal with Duke
Duke Energy released a much better power grid modernization plan, thanks to pressure from citizen advocacy groups.
Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancelled
In a surprise announcement, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy nixed the pipeline.
Climate Crisis Committee Releases Plan
A U.S. House committee released “the most detailed climate plan in history.”
Florida Set to Surpass NC in Solar
We have the second-most installed solar generation in the country but could soon slip.
Trump Orders Seismic Blasting Off Our Coast
The Trump Administration moves forward with oil exploration, against North Carolina’s wishes.

Scoring Legislators

Know where your legislators stand on protecting your health and way of life. Then hold them accountable.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Action Alerts

Tillis: Support Clean Energy, Not Big Oil!
Sen. Tillis fights for out-of-state oil bailouts instead of NC clean energy jobs. Tell him no!
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Clean Energy Plan for North Carolina. SIGN OUR PETITION!
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Right now, you can be a voice for North Carolina’s people and natural resources. Sign a petition. Contact your elected officials. Demand accountability from corporate polluters. Spread the word to your friends and networks through email and social media.

NCLCV provides you with scorecards on how your elected officials voted on environmental issues, insider email updates, and information on how you can get involved in protecting your community. 

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Holding Leaders Accountable

NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is the state’s leading pragmatic, nonpartisan political voice for protecting our state’s environment. 

North Carolinians, from the mountains to the sea, share a belief in protecting our air and water, maintaining the health of our communities, and ensuring our quality of life. Our elected officials have not always prioritized these values. That’s why our work is critical. 

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