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Help Set the State’s Climate Action Plan

A plan is taking shape to help North Carolina utilities to stop contributing to the carbon pollution that causes climate change — and you can take part.

Last year’s state House Bill 951 requires the state Utilities Commission (NCUC), which regulates public utilities like Duke Energy, to create a Carbon Plan, with help from both Duke and the public. The plan must achieve 70% power-sector carbon emission reductions by 2030 and stop it altogether by 2050. Duke must file its proposed plan no later than May 16. The NCUC has scheduled five public hearings beginning in July.

If our state is to do our part to tackle the global climate crisis, designing and implementing an effective Carbon Plan is essential. A good plan must include input from the people who are already most impacted by climate change and who will be impacted most by how the plan mitigates it.

We are part of the People Power NC coalition which is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 30, at 6 p.m., to help interested citizens prepare well-informed and effective testimony for these hearings. Register here. The webinar will review the 12 principles for a strong and just plan, the mechanics of participating in the hearings, and how people who don’t take part in the hearings can help educate the public on these principles.

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