50 States Energy Reports


How does North Carolina compare to other states in solar energy development? What about in encouraging electric vehicles? Find out in the 50 States Reports.

The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center researches and prepares the 50 States energy reports. The reports are primarily for clean energy businesses, researchers, associations, and advocacy groups. Even so, the information they contain is useful to all citizens. Executive summaries of the reports are available online without charge. Likewise, designated policy makers can get the full reports without charge. However, other organization and individuals must purchase copies of the full reports. Citizens can access archived reports from past years in full without charge.

You can find access to all executive summaries and related info here.

In addition, you can find the the latest 50 States of Solar executive summary here.

Similarly, for a copy of this year’s 50 States of Electric Vehicles executive summary, click here.

In short, checking up on these reports is your way to track how our state is doing in establishing a clean energy economy!

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