Trump Plan Increases Carbon Pollution


To put it bluntly, we can’t afford Trump’s “Affordable Clean Energy Plan.” Contrary to the name, this plan will result in a net increase in carbon pollution from 16 states.

It’s not just that the Trump Administration’s replacement for the Obama Clean Power Plan would do less good for pollution control and climate change action. New analysis shows that under the Trump plan, 16 states would actually increase their carbon pollution compared to what would take place with no federal clean air plan at all. 

Authors of the Environmental Defense Fund analysis state bluntly: “EPA’s own analysis has shown that this proposed replacement would increase climate pollution and dangerous soot and smog pollution, causing thousands of additional deaths and childhood asthma attacks every year compared to the Clean Power Plan, and may even increase pollution in several states compared to having no policy at all.”

The article explains in more detail how the Trump proposal to increase carbon pollution is squandering clear economic opportunities to benefit from aggressive carbon reduction strategies. 

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