Why Josh Stein?

Why Are We All In on Josh Stein for Governor?

Why are we for Josh Stein? The answer is pretty simple: Josh Stein could be North Carolina’s most environmentally friendly governor.

Josh Stein’s Background

Born and raised in Chapel Hill and Charlotte, Josh Stein has risen as an influential community member in North Carolina. Before beginning a career in North Carolina politics, Stein obtained his Bachelor of Art from Dartmouth College, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of the Government. Stein’s passion for social progress led him serve in the NC Senate 2009-2016. He then ran for Attorney General in 2017 where he has since committed to make communities safer and protect North Carolinians from corporate fraud and pollution.

Environmental Record: Holding Polluting Corporations Accountable

When Duke Energy spilled “39,000 tons of [coal] ash and 27 million gallons of [coal] ash pond water” into the Dan River, AG Stein put people over profits. His administration won against Duke Energy in court and saved energy customers over 1.1 billion dollars. He has staunchly advocated for corporate polluters–such as Duke Energy–to pay the bill for their pollution instead of passing on the costs to everyday North Carolinians.

A Win for Clean Drinking Water

Another example of him holding corporations accountable came to light when researchers found cancer-causing chemicals being dumped into the Cape Fear River. The company, Chemours, knowingly created and dumped these chemicals into this drinking water source for decades

A.G. Stein sued DuPont and Chemours for this irresponsible and willful contamination of 320,000+ residents’ drinking water. Some residents’ water rates increased by 8% or 15%, with smaller communities facing the higher rates. North Carolinians should not have to suffer from a lack of clean drinking water, and they definitely should not have to pay for the company’s deliberate negligence.

Advocate for Clean Energy and Economy

Josh Stein also addressed the climate crisis in a speech at our 2024 Green Tie Awards. He emphasized our need to “confront the reality that some who want to drag us back to a dirtier past.” He also stated that we must reduce carbon emissions while creating good paying jobs in every corner of the state.

A Clear Choice

Josh Stein knows that people, land, water, and air are all interconnected, and we cannot protect one without protecting the others. An extreme candidate like Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson puts these elements at risk. In his book, Lt. Gov. Robinson has said science should be removed from elementary schools. He has also said climate change is “junk science,” and the climate political movement should be kept in chains. The stark difference between the candidates’ environmental policies provides a clear choice for us this fall.

Vote to put our people and planet over profits and pollution. 

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