Grant Boosts NC Climate Reporting

There is exciting news for North Carolina reporting: a new grant will support additional climate coverage in our state.

If you read CIB regularly, you’ll see a number of sources cited on a recurring basis. That’s because when it comes to good, in-depth reporting on environmental and climate issues, there are a limited number of North Carolina-based sources to use. Technical and scientific research and writing demand specific knowledge and analytical skills to get it right. Only a few publications are willing and able to pay for that expertise and staff time in a specialized field.

That makes it newsworthy when a credible, objective news network adds to the pool of such reporters. We’re pleased to note the North Carolina-based 1Earth Fund — a private, nonprofit foundation that supports public education and reporting on climate change causes, impacts, and solutions in the Southeast — is providing grants to the Wilmington Star-News and 11 other North Carolina newsrooms to support additional climate reporting. The 12 outlets are all part of Gannett’s USA Today network.

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