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Historic Climate Action Signed into Law

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the largest package of investments in clean energy and climate crisis action in American history, into law last week. While his administration is planning a ceremonial celebration of the act after Labor Day, the bill’s investments are now law. 

“This bill will position the United States, when paired with strong action from his administration, to meet President Biden’s commitment to cut climate pollution by at least 50% by 2030 through unprecedented investments in clean energy solutions that will drive down pollution and energy prices – saving families hundreds of dollars every year. It accelerates the transition to clean energy independence that we need and that our communities want with transformational investments in manufacturing, innovation, and deployment,” said League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Board Chair and former EPA administrator Carol M. Browner. “And the bill represents what is possible when leaders are determined to make progress, to find solutions, and to get climate action done. From financial incentives to job creation to climate pollution reduction, there are important provisions that will take steps to protect our health and environment in every community.” 

Browner noted that LCV, and by extension the nationwide conservation voter movement, also will continue to fight for environmental justice concerns which were not fully addressed in the legislation as adopted. “LCV will fight to protect Indigenous communities and communities of color along our Gulf Coast, in Alaska, and everywhere that are threatened by oil and gas drilling and fossil fuel development, and we will continue to push Congress and the administration to do more to advance environmental justice.” 

The path environmental campaigners followed to reach this historic action moment began long before President Biden campaigned on taking climate action. Spoiler alert: It was a 14-year fight with dramatic ups and downs.

That effort does not stop here. LCV and partner organizations have already announced next steps in educating the public on the benefits of the IRA. 

Meanwhile, we are now fewer than 80 days away from the current critical 2022 election, and which candidates are elected will determine whether we build on this momentum to protect our environment and our communities. If you are not yet involved in this year’s efforts to elect environmental champions at every level of the ballot, NCLCV urges you to get involved now.

As a start, here are NCLCV’s Conservation PAC endorsements of legislative candidates who will advance environmental and climate crisis action at the state level in North Carolina. And here are LCV’s endorsements of Congressional candidates this year in North Carolina.

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