Onshore Risks of Offshore Drilling

Last week, a state environmental group released a report showing serious environmental consequences of offshore oil drilling — not just along our coast but well inland.

The report highlights the risks from construction of onshore pipelines and refineries, waste disposal, and spills at ports and marinas.

Oil companies and their supporters like to tout the supposed economic benefits of oil exploration. But at an event announcing the report’s findings, state Rep. Deb Butler (D-New Hanover) pointed out, “Offshore drilling projects could threaten 57,000 jobs and over $2.5 billion dollars in GDP.” Our state’s economy relies on tourism, fishing, and other industries which require the preservation of beaches, waterways, land, and other precious natural resources. Drilling would be a disaster to those industries across our state.

Read the full report from Environment North Carolina Research & Policy Center here.

Tell Sen. Thom Tillis to stop President Trump’s drilling drive! We can’t afford the disaster it would bring.

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