Washington Watch: Shutdown Threatens Our Health

Washington Watch: Shutdown Threatens Our Health

State conservation voter leagues around the country are speaking out about the rising threat to public health, the environment, and natural resources posed by the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.

The interruption of critical environmental services as well as parks and wildlife management programs is hitting harder as the shutdown continues. North Carolina is already seeing impacts.

“As testing for potentially toxic GenX chemicals in the Lower Cape Fear River has been put on hold, citizens in North Carolina are paying a price while Trump and Republicans in Congress play politics. Critical samples of drinking water sit on shelves waiting to be tested for chemicals linked to cancer while the shutdown wages on. The people of North Carolina deserve better,” said NCLCV Director of Governmental Relations Dan Crawford.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is among the state leaders calling for an immediate end to the shutdown, which also threatens to interrupt flood disaster recovery efforts.

NCLCV is one of many state conservation voter leagues speaking out on the impacts of the shutdown created by President Trump’s demand for a massive border wall to address his false claims of a national border crisis. As the shutdown continues, the real crisis created by an irresponsible interruption of essential public services is growing.

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