The Other Side: Climate Deniers Target Schools

The Other Side: Climate Deniers Target Schools


Faced with a new generation of citizens learning from childhood about the reality and dangers of climate change, how do the organized climate deniers react? They launch a well-funded effort to cram their propaganda into public schools and universities, of course.

Two advocacy entities known to be bankrolled by anti-science, far-right corporate interests, the Heartland Institute and the Discovery Institute, are pushing state legislation around the country to require equal time for discredited denials of climate science. Such measures have passed in states including Louisiana and Tennessee, and present a serious threat to science-based instruction on climate and the environment in other jurisdictions.

Through its SourceWatch project, the Center for Media and Democracy provides information on the Discovery Institute and the Heartland Institute. Previously, Discovery was an active participant in similar campaigns to challenge the teaching of evolution and natural selection. Heartland has strong funding from the Koch Brothers network, and connections to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a major purveyor of model pro-corporate state legislation, including anti-environmental bills.

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