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DuPont Can’t Dodge Liability for PFAS Pollution

The NC Supreme Court on Friday issued a decision confirming that the DuPont corporation cannot escape liability for massive, continuing PFAS pollution in North Carolina. The schemers at DuPont had attempted to shelter $20 billion in assets from the victims of PFAS pollution by setting up paper corporations in another state and transferring the money to them. 

In the ruling, written by Justice Anita Earls, the Court upheld the decision of a special Business Court which concluded that DuPont created Chemours and a complex corporate reorganization in an attempt to escape liability and “to defraud its creditors.” 

Read the Court’s full decision. Holding corporate polluters accountable for their toxic discharges and threats to public health is a priority: Who we elect to preside over our courts matters for our environment.

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