Tomorrow is Election Day – Our Planet’s Future is at Stake

The 2022 elections in North Carolina conclude this Tuesday, November 8—and the future of our planet hangs in the balance.

The contest to represent our state in the U.S. Senate is dead-even going into Election Day. The outcome could decide whether the Senate is controlled by those who recognize that action to address the climate crisis is essential and urgent, or those whose campaigns are financed by the dirty fossil fuel industry. Learn more about where Cheri Beasley vs. Ted Budd stand on clean energy, and who else our national affiliate, League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, endorses in federal races here

Control of the NC Supreme Court is on the line. The outcome of contests for two seats on that Court will decide whether our state’s Supreme Court continues to have a majority of experienced judges who understand that our state’s Constitution restricts extreme partisan gerrymandering of Congressional and state legislative districts. The alternative is a Court controlled by those who would give ultra partisan legislative leaders a blank check to draw districts on a strictly partisan basis. That would guarantee their party a permanent lock on a supermajority of seats—even when they fall far short of a majority of votes. See which candidates get the endorsement of citizen environmental advocates here and here.

Control of the North Carolina General Assembly is on the line. Will the state’s legislature continue to work with Governor Roy Cooper to develop clean energy sources in North Carolina, or fall under the control of those who would continue our state’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels, more pipelines and drilling, and spiraling utility profits at the expense of the public? See which legislative candidates have the support of North Carolina environmental advocates here and here.

From Capitol Hill to the county courthouse, our environmental future is in the hands of voters like you this week.

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