NCLCV Post-Election 2022 Memo: Gov. Cooper’s veto maintained to protect NC’s climate

TO: Interested parties
FROM: Dan Crawford, Conservation Votes PAC
(919) 839-0020 | dan@nclcv.org
DATE: Tuesday, November 9, 2022

RE: NCLCV POST-ELECTION MEMO: Our substantial investment of over $1 million in electing environmental champions and protecting democracy in North Carolina made a significant positive difference, maintaining Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto by preventing a supermajority in the state House.


In 2022, Conservation Votes PAC (CVP), the independent expenditure arm of the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) and the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, spent over $1 million on state races, voter registration, and GOTV to achieve its top goal of preventing a legislative supermajority to protect our climate with Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto. We supported climate champions in the state House and Senate, winning 83% of our endorsed races in the Legislature. This year is CVP’s fourth consecutive electoral cycle investment of over $1 million. 

2022 continues CVP’s nine-year strategy to build pro-environment leadership in our state. This started with electing leaders to the state House in 2014, continued with Gov. Cooper’s election in 2016, and then ramped up with 2018’s effort to break the anti-environment legislative supermajority, which we sustained in 2020. That successful campaign grew our Green Caucus, which continued to maintain Gov. Cooper’s veto this year by preventing a supermajority in the House. This has a real impact on our ability to protect our environment and our democracy by staving off the worst policy attacks at the Legislature.

“Facing an onslaught of unprecedented funding from pro-polluter donors, the Conservation Voters PAC kept the protection of our climate and our democracy front and center,” said Dan Crawford, director of government relations for NCLCV and head of the CVP. “We held the line for Gov. Cooper to continue to protect the people of North Carolina against extreme legislation.”

In addition to our over $1 million investment in state races and democracy building  this year, our national partner LCV Victory Fund (LCVVF) separately made investments in federal races in North Carolina on behalf of Cheri Beasley for Senate and Wiley Nickel in the 13th Congressional District. And LCV’s GreenRoots member mobilization program turned out LCV members to volunteer for the Jeff Jackson (NC-14) and Wiley Nickel campaigns as part of a nationwide field program to help elect environmental champions that engaged 8,250 total LCV members.

On top of this independent expenditure work from CVP and LCVVF, environmental advocates across the country donated over $650,000 directly to North Carolina candidates through the GiveGreen platform.

Additionally, for the first time ever, NCLCV and the NC Sierra Club partnered to produce a GreenVoter Guide. This guide included information on each endorsed pro-climate candidate (88 total), a link to their website, and the ability to make a donation directly to each candidate. In addition, voters were able to get information about registering to vote, how to vote, and election updates.

Separately, NC League of Conservation Voters Foundation’s Power the Vote program registered over 23,000 voters in 2022, which brings our total to nearly 110,000 since 2014. 

See below for an overview of CVP’s political work and NCLCV’s democracy efforts.

$1.075 Million Invested in Elections and Democracy

CVP’s nearly $775,000 investment in 2022 independent electoral spending went toward mail, and digital advertising outreach both statewide and in targeted legislative districts.

Race CVP Supported Lifetime Score* Opponent
NC Supreme Court Justice Sam J. Ervin, III N/A Trey Allen
NC Supreme Court Judge Lucy Inman N/A Judge Richard Dietz
SD 3 Valerie Jordan N/A Bobby Hanig
SD 5 Kandie Smith 93% Karen Kozel
SD 7 Marcia Morgan N/A Michael Lee
SD 11 Mark Speed N/A Lisa Stone Barnes
SD 13 Lisa Grafstein N/A David Bankert
SD 14 Dan Blue 83% Chris Baker
SD 15 Jay Chaudhuri 100% Emanuela Prister
SD 16 Gale Adcock 93% James Powers
SD 17 Sydney Batch 92% Mark Cavaliero
SD 18 Mary Wills Bode N/A E.C. Sykes
SD 20 Natalie Murdock 100% Alvin Reed
SD 22 Mike Woodard 100% Larry Coleman
SD 23 Graig Meyer 94% Landon Woods
SD 25 Sean Ewing N/A Amy Scott Galey
SD 27 Michael Garrett 95% Richard Sessoms
SD 28 Gladys Robinson 81% Paul Schumacher
SD 38 Mujtaba Mohammed 100% none
SD 39 DeAndrea Salvador 89% Mark Robeson
SD 40 Joyce Waddell 85% Bobbie Shields
SD 41 Natasha Marcus 95% Bonni Leone
SD 42 Rachel Hunt 100% Cheryl Russo
SD 49 Julie Mayfield 90% John Anderson
Race CVP Supported Lifetime Score* Opponent
HD 2 Ray Jeffers N/A Larry Yarborough
HD 8 Gloristine Brown N/A Charles (Drock) Vincent
HD 9 Brian Farkas 92% Timothy Reeder
HD 11 Allison Dahle 94% none
HD 18 Deb Butler 100% John Hinnant
HD 20 Amy Block Deloach N/A Ted Davis, Jr.
HD 21 Ya Liu N/A Gerard Falzon
HD 24 Linda Cooper-Suggs 100% Ken Fontenot
HD 25 James D. Gailliard 89% Allen Chesser
HD 29 Vernetta Alston 100% none
HD 30 Marcia Morey 100% William Antico
HD 31 Zack Hawkins 94%  
HD 32 Terry Garrison 90% Frank Sossamon
HD 33 Rosa Gill 94% Stephanie Dingee
HD 34 Tim Longest N/A Ashley Seshul
HD 35 Terence Everitt 100% Fred Von Cannon
HD 36 Julie von Haefen 100% John Harris
HD 40 Joe John 97% Marilyn Avila
HD 41 Maria Cervania N/A Bruce Forster
HD 44 Charles Smith N/A none
HD 45 Frances Jackson N/A Susan Chapman
HD 48 Garland Pierce 79% Melissa Swarbrick
HD 49 Cynthia Ball 100% David Robertson
HD 50 Renee Price N/A Charles Lopez
HD 54 Robert Reives 94% Walter Petty
HD 56 Allen Buansi N/A none
HD 57 Ashton Clemmons 94% Michelle Bardsley
HD 58 Amos Quick 100% Chrissy Smith
HD 60 Cecil Brockman 89% Bob Blasingame
HD 61 Pricey Harrison 100% none
HD 63 Ricky Hurtado 100% Stephen Ross
HD 66 Sarah Crawford 100% Ives Brizuela de Sholar
HD 71 Kanika Brown N/A none
HD 72 Amber Baker 100% Shelton Stallworthy
HD 73 Diamond Staton-Williams N/A Brian Echevarria
HD 74 Carla Catalan Day N/A Jeff Zenger
HD 88 Mary Belk 100% Anne Marie Peacock
HD 92 Terry Brown 100% Mario Robinson, Sr.
HD 98 Christy Clark 2019 100% John Bradford III
HD 99 Nasif Majeed 83% Elsa Karman
HD 100 John Autry 100% none
HD 101 Carolyn Logan 100% Steve Mauney
HD 102 Becky Carney 81% Cynthia Eleanor Clementi
HD 103 Laura Budd N/A Bill Brawley
HD 104 Brandon Lofton 100% Don Pomeroy
HD 105 Wesley Harris 100% Joshua Niday
HD 107 Kelly Alexander 78% Mark Alan Cook
HD 114 Eric Ager 98% Everett Pittillo
HD 115 Lindsey Prather N/A Pratik Bhakta
HD 116 Caleb Rudow N/A Mollie Rose

 Bold name = winning endorsee
* Lifetime environmental score from NCLCV’s legislative scorecard

  • Digital: Over $490,000 in digital program focused on persuading and turning out voters across these races.
  • Mail: Over $277,000 in mail program focused on persuading and turning out voters across these races.
  • Canvass: Our nonpartisan NC League of Conservation Voters(c4) spent $300,000 on direct voter contact in Raleigh and Winston-Salem to engage fall off voters early to build power and expand the electorate across key constituencies needed in 2022. This outreach focused on clean energy and clean energy jobs. 

Total expenditure:  $1,074,825

Representation Matters

NCLCV’s family of organizations has been working to boost its support for historically underrepresented communities, and that shows in this year’s political work 58% of the candidates NCLCV’s Conservation PAC endorsed in 2020 identify as women, and 50% identify as people of color. 

Moving Forward

If North Carolinians are able to sustain their efforts to overcome gerrymandering in the U.S. Supreme Court, continue to fight voter suppression and follow their values with their votes, they will be one step closer to cleaner water, cleaner air, and cleaner energy for this and future generations. This only happens with leaders in power who advocate for these popular priorities. That is why CVP continues to invest in electing people who are committed to advancing democracy and protecting every North Carolinian’s health and quality of life. Regardless of last night’s results, our work will continue.

This information is paid for by the Conservation Votes Political Action Committee.
This message was made independent of any candidate or political party.

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is a pragmatic, results-oriented, nonpartisan advocacy and political organization whose mission is to protect the health and quality of life for all North Carolinians, with an intentional focus on systematically excluded communities of color. We elect environmental champions, advocate for environmental policies that protect our communities, and hold elected leaders accountable for their decisions. We have worked for 50 years to create the political environment that will protect our natural environment.

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