NCLCV Statement on Biden Build Back Better Plan

In advance of the speech President Biden delivered in Pittsburgh this afternoon, the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters released this statement from Dan Crawford, Director of Governmental Relations:

“North Carolinians love traveling the Good Roads State from the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Biden Build Back Better plan will make it easier for us to explore our beautiful state in electric cars we can charge easily.

70% of Americans support the president’s plan, which will make it cleaner and less expensive to power our homes, businesses, and cars, so we can invest more money in our families. It will create high-quality, clean energy jobs making and installing solar panels, windmills, and charging stations, weatherizing homes, and more. With the second-highest installed solar capacity in the country, the clean energy industry is already one of the fastest-growing industries in North Carolina, and this plan will supercharge it, making its jobs and products accessible to more people.

This is about building a long-term, sustainable climate and economy, and a healthy quality of life, particularly for low-wealth communities and North Carolinians of color, who are most hurt by pollution and the intersecting COVID, economic, and climate crises.

We call on Senators Burr and Tillis and our entire congressional delegation to pass this plan as quickly as possible.”

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