Return of the Do-Nothings

The General Assembly will return to session tomorrow, January 14, in what appears to be another installment of legislative leaders’ attempt to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto without negotiations with Cooper or his legislative supporters.

North Carolina has now passed previous modern records for delay in enacting a comprehensive state budget, while legislative leadership refuses to negotiate. With no public announcement yet of whether the Senate plans an override attempt, predictions of the session length and which bills will come up for action are merely guesses.

NCLCV and other citizen environmental advocates vigorously oppose a budget veto override, citing anti-environmental provisions in the vetoed bill. Among other concerns, the budget which passed both chambers last year fails to adequately fund work to address toxic water pollutants like GenX and other PFAS, and it undercuts important progress in regulating severe pollution problems from factory hog farms.

Tell your senator to hold the line and support Gov. Cooper’s veto!

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