Conservation Action: Protect the Clean Power Plan

Conservation Action: Protect the Clean Power Plan

There’s a new chance now to speak up in support of our leading national commitment to confront climate change, the Clean Power Plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has again extended the comment period on its proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan’s (CPP) framework for systematic reduction of American releases of the carbon dioxide that is driving climate change. That provides our chance to push back again against this dangerous reversal of environmental protection policy.

As NCLCV executive director Carrie Clark says, “The Clean Power Plan will save lives. Here in North Carolina, the number of hospitalizations, diagnosis of respiratory ailments that keep children out of school, and dangerous air quality days can decrease if the carbon-cutting rules are put in place.”

NCLCV urges citizen conservationists in North Carolina to join with allies from other states in speaking up in support of the Clean Power Plan. You can do so here.

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