Campaign Watch: Conservation Voters Endorse McCready

Campaign Watch: Conservation Voters Endorse McCready

The national League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund last week endorsed clean energy leader Dan McCready for election to North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

McCready is co-founder of an investment firm that has helped to build dozens of solar farms around the state. He also serves on the board of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association. McCready said, “As a clean energy entrepreneur, I’ve been dedicated to helping build solar farms all across North Carolina. Protecting and preserving our natural resources is a vital mission. To me, conservation is not just a responsibility, it is a moral imperative.”

NCLCV executive director Carrie Clark said, “Dan McCready knows protecting the environment and the economy must go hand in hand. He lives it in his daily life. Dan understands that we must protect our coast from the potential harm of offshore drilling, and fight to make sure we have clean drinking water for our children and future generations.”

The Ninth District is currently represented by Robert Pittenger, whose lifetime 1% voting score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard makes him one of the most anti-environmental members of Congress. In 2017, Pittenger had no votes scored as pro-environment, for a flat zero rating.

McCready is also featured on the pro-environment political contribution site, GiveGreen.com, a project of LCV Victory Fund and NextGen America, supported by the NRDC Action Fund PAC. Conservationists can contribute to the McCready campaign through that site.

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