Cooper Invests in Energy, Environment

Gov. Roy Cooper’s proposed two-year budget would provide more than $420 million for clean energy, environmental protection, and parks and trails expansion.

Budget environmental high points (PDF) include:

  • Over $100 million to expand access to solar and wind energy, invest in clean energy economic development, and build the clean energy workforce pipeline. That includes $50 million to local communities and schools for clean energy and transportation, and $23 million to assist low-income households with home weatherization, energy efficiency, and clean energy sources.
  • Over $300 million in environmental stewardship. This includes $150 million for the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, $60 million for the Land and Water fund, $56 million for floodplain buyout programs, $20 million for paved and natural surface trail planning and construction, and $7.6 million for testing and abatement of emerging pollutants like GenX and other PFAS.

As always, the governor’s budget proposal is only a starting point for negotiations with legislators. You can take part in that process by contacting your legislators in support of clean energy and environmental investments in our state budget.

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