Trump Guts Clean Cars Standard

Even during an unprecedented public health crisis, the Trump Administration is continuing its crusade to rip apart essential pollution protections. If it succeeds, Americans’ health will suffer, now more than ever. Despite a flood of public objections, the Trump Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charging ahead with its plan to gut key rules designed to reduce air pollution from cars. The rule finalized last week would slash improvement in auto emission controls by more than two-thirds over the next five years.

“In the midst of an out of control global pandemic, it is appalling for the Trump administration to prioritize this environmental rollback that will put our families’ health at further risk,” said former EPA Administrator and League of Conservation Voters Board chair Carol Browner. “Our clean car standards are one of the best policies we have on the books to fight climate change and improve health, particularly for the communities of color and low income communities that are impacted the most by toxic pollution and the climate crisis…. There is no health or scientific justification for this atrocious attack on our families’ health and future.”

One study estimates 10,000 more people will die in the next 15 years because of Trump’s move.

Tell Sen. Thom Tillis to fight Trump’s dirty cars rule!

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