DEQ Hits Chemours for Soil Dump

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) cited the Chemours corporation for improperly disposing of possibly contaminated soil and other waste from its Fayetteville facility. DEQ said Chemours dumped the waste at an unlined landfill in Fayetteville without testing it for GenX and other PFAS contamination. 

“We will not tolerate irresponsible actions or attempts to cut corners that risk further impacts to the surrounding communities and to water quality,” said DEQ Secretary Michael S. Regan in a DEQ news release.    

The release noted “well-documented and pervasive PFAS contamination at the Chemours facility, including soil data showing PFAS contamination in areas near the site location from which the soil was taken and disposed of at the unlined landfill.”  DEQ has directed Chemours to retrieve the soil from the unlined landfill, along with other soil it may have contaminated.  Within 15 days, the company must submit a plan for this work and for avoiding similar violations in the future. DEQ may also assess a civil fine.

A local couple who have been active in the efforts to address Chemours’ extensive GenX contamination observed the violations, documented them, and reported them to DEQ. DEQ subsequently investigated and cited the company

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