Conservation Action: Fight Voter Suppression

Conservation Action: Fight Voter Suppression

Citizen conservation advocates have joined with other public interest organizations to fight against a new effort to suppress broad voter participation in North Carolina.

The NC House is scheduled to vote this afternoon on a proposed state constitutional amendment to require voters to show approved state photo identification before voting in person. The bill puts the amendment up for a vote this November, and would allow a lame duck special session including defeated legislators to implement the voter ID requirement before January. The process is designed to allow the current partisan supermajority to enact the nation’s most stringent limitations on voter rights and unfairly disadvantage poor, elderly, young, and minority voters in the future.

“State legislators are asking voters to pass a constitutional amendment to restrict our right to vote. Corporate polluters know that if we don’t vote, they’ll keep getting away with dumping on poor neighborhoods and communities of color. And the politicians they purchase with their PAC contributions are happy to make that happen,” said NCLCV’s Field and Mobilization Director, Rashad Gibson.

“You’d think once a court overturned the last voter suppression bill, saying it targeted African Americans with ‘surgical precision,’ all the negative news coverage would have shamed and embarrassed our state legislators. But not this crowd. They’ll stop at nothing to keep us from the ballot box. They’re scared we’ll hold them accountable for their assaults on clean air and water.”

NCLCV urges concerned citizens to let our legislators know that we have had enough of their misplaced priorities, and will not stand for further efforts to discourage the voters who will hold them to account.

Click here to contact your House representative now in opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment that would make voting more difficult for many North Carolina citizens.

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