Biden Sweeps Environmental Endorsements

Joe Biden completed a sweep of the mainstream environmental group endorsements last week, as he picked up the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Action Fund’s support.

NRDC Action Fund joins the campaign arms of the League of Conservation Voters, National Wildlife Federation, and Sierra Club in formally supporting Biden.

Gina McCarthy, president and CEO of the NRDC Action Fund and a former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said:  “America is in crisis. The next president will be responsible for rebuilding our nation from this pandemic, putting an end to the epidemic of Black people dying at the hands of police, and guiding us through the growing climate crisis. We need a leader who will bring compassion back to the White House, fight injustice and work to dismantle systemic racism. One who will put the safety of every community’s air and drinking water above the profits of polluters. One who is committed to growing America’s clean energy economy and giving our children a brighter future. That person is Joe Biden, and we are proud to endorse him.” 

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