Cooper Appoints New Clean Energy Director

Last week, Gov. Roy Cooper appointed Peter Ledford as the new state Clean Energy Director. In this role, Ledford will pursue the goals of state Executive Order 246, which include achieving carbon neutrality, pursuing environmental justice for communities disproportionately impacted by pollution, and creating economic opportunities in the clean energy sector.

Prior to his appointment, Ledford was the General Counsel and Director of Policy at the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association. He succeeds Dionne Delli-Gatti, who helped craft E.O. 246 and was a lead negotiator for House Bill 951, which put carbon reduction requirements into state law. Gov. Cooper created the position for Delli-Gatti, who has returned to a senior role at the Environmental Defense Fund.

“I’m deeply honored to be selected by Governor Cooper to be North Carolina’s next Clean Energy Director. I’m ready to put my experience working at the NC General Assembly and practicing before NC Utilities Commission, and my relationships with stakeholders and the clean energy industry to work, so we can make more progress on the important issues of clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, and the associated economic benefits for all North Carolinians,” said Ledford.

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