Conservation Action: Save the Clean Water Rule

Conservation Action: Save the Clean Water Rule

Today (Monday, August 13) is the last day to make a public comment on the Trump Administration’s proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

Adopted by the Obama Administration in 2015, the rule reaffirms critical nationwide protections for small streams and wetlands as “waters of the United States” under the federal Clean Water Act. The subject of decades of recurring court disputes and more than a million public comments during its adoption, the Clean Water Rule helps to safeguard the drinking water sources of one-third of Americans, as well as crucial plant and wildlife habitat.

Conservation advocates across the United States are condemning the Trump Administration’s science-denying effort to gut these essential clean water safeguards. The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) has signed on to a multi-group letter in opposition to repealing the rule. Although the Trump Administration is likely to endorse repeal, building a strong public record in opposition to repealing the rule is important for the support of both legal challenges and continuing public education campaigns.

To add your comment for the public record now, click here.

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