Not Your Average “Joes”

They’re not your average Joes and Janes.

NCLCV’s annual Green Tie Awards event was held last week in Raleigh, with a stellar keynote speaker and recognition for the year’s best legislative environmental champions. While CIB has named most of the awardees in past bulletins, there was one category we missed: the “Joes.”

The ”Joe” awards honor legislative environmental champions who are leaving their legislative seats (some retiring, and others moving on to pursue wider offices). The awards are named in honor of former NC House Speaker and career environmental champion Joe Hackney.

This year’s “Joes” went to these legislative environmental champions:

Senators: Valerie Foushee and Jeff Jackson.

Representatives: John Ager, Susan Fisher, Verla Insko, Grier Martin, Evelyn Terry, and Brian Turner.

Thanks to all this year’s honorees—for all you’ve done, this “Joe” is for you!

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