Build Back Better’s Bright Prospects

This is it. After months of negotiations, we are in the furious home stretch toward passing the Build Back Better Act, the biggest federal climate bill ever. That means it’s time to push the gas pedal to the floor.

Reports from Washington indicate President Joe Biden’s direct outreach to a broad spectrum of Democratic congressional leaders is producing forward movement on the passage of this comprehensive progressive plan for the coming decade.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office announced late Sunday that House committee schedules had been set up to permit the full House to advance both the Build Back Better Act and the smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act this week.

The national League of Conservation Voters repeated its support of the Build Back Better Act’s climate provisions as essential to acting on climate and environmental injustice in time to prevent calamity. In a release, they said, “Congress has a once in a generation opportunity to pass transformational legislation with the investments we need for climate, clean energy, justice, and jobs. And today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) shared again its top priorities for the Build Back Better Act, highlighting what is included in the House package.”

As part of this final push, 24 Southern mayors, including nine from North Carolina, are urging Congress to pass the most consequential piece of the Build Back Better Act’s climate provisions: a national clean energy standard.

With a vote around the corner, it’s time to add your voice in the fight to secure essential, urgent climate action now through the Build Back Better Act. Click here to email your members of Congress now!

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