Early Voting Is Underway!

In-person early voting in North Carolina began across the state on Thursday, October 15, and will last through October 31. Early turnout, both in-person and by absentee ballot, is breaking records, as voters show up in droves to send a more pro-environment government to both Raleigh and Washington.

Voting rights advocates strongly encourage voting early at your convenience at any early voting location in your home county, rather than waiting until Election Day, when you can only vote at your designated precinct. Another option available only during this period and not on November 3 is if you missed the regular October 9 registration deadline or need to update or correct your registration, you can register and vote in one stop.

Find the one-stop voting dates, hours, and locations in your home county here.

When you vote, be sure to consult of all of our Conservation PAC’s endorsements!

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