Historic Climate Action

The Build Back Better Act framework President Biden announced last week includes the largest investment and strongest actions fighting the climate crisis in American history. Environmental leaders and advocates across the nation are calling for swift approval of the legislation’s historic climate action before it is too late. 

“As a candidate, President Biden promised he would lead the nation in Building Back Better together. With this framework, he is living up to that promise. If Congress passes it, this would be by far the biggest federal climate action in our country’s history,” said our Executive Director Carrie Clark. “Together with federal executive orders and Gov. Cooper’s Clean Energy Plan, the Build Back Better Act will stave off the worst climate impacts, particularly for communities of color and low-income North Carolinians, who bear the biggest brunt of our climate crisis and social, economic, and environmental injustice. We are proud of the thousands of our members who continue to call and write their leaders, and of our partnership with the state AFL-CIO to push this toward the finish line.”

Keep up the pressure. Tell your senators and representative to pass the bill ASAP! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed votes on both the Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week. The Senate, having already passed the bipartisan bill, would then take Build Back Better up the week of November 15th.

The national League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released a statement praising the framework’s “robust clean energy tax package, unprecedented environmental justice investments, clean vehicle incentives, conservation and restoration investments that reduce emissions and store carbon” among other provisions. LCV projects that in addition to the legislation’s climate, health, job-creation, and economic benefits, its provisions will save American consumers an average of $500/year on their energy costs.”

“This is historic progress when we need it most, the nation’s strongest climate investment ever. Once enacted, this will provide a record $550 billion to help advance the shift to cleaner, smarter ways to power our future,” said Natural Resources Defense Council President Manish Bapna. “Combined with new and ambitious carbon pollution standards, and Biden’s whole-of-government approach, this sets the country on the path to cut greenhouse gas emissions 50-52 percent – and get 80 percent clean electricity – by 2030. It will invest in the communities on the front lines of climate hazard and harm.”

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