Legislative Watch: Navy Says Wind Farm Won’t Interfere with Radar

Legislative Watch: Navy Says Wind Farm Won’t Interfere with Radar

The U.S. Navy has advice for state legislators who have worked up a head of steam in opposition to a major wind energy project in northeastern North Carolina: Don’t bother sailing into that wind.

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Who’s afraid of wind energy? Fossil fuel interests and the politicians they purchase

As discussed in CIB last week, a pirate crew of ten NC state legislators is trying to hijack the nearly-completed multi-hundred-million-dollar Amazon wind energy project in Pasquotank and Perquimans counties. They claim, with scant or no evidence, that it will interfere with a Navy radar station nearby in coastal Virginia. It’s expected to start producing power by the end of this month, if its political opponents don’t succeed in getting the Trump Administration to shut it down first.

In response to those claims, the Navy confirms that it studied the wind farm’s plans and concluded that it would not in fact create a problem for its radar station.

In fact, the legislators opposed to the facility (who do not represent the district in which the project is located) have a history of advocating against wind energy projects more generally. So do some of the questionable sources their letter cites in support of their opposition. In contrast, leaders speaking for the area in which the wind farm is located are enthusiastic in their support for it.

It’s yet another case of scorched-earth opposition to development of clean renewable energy sources like solar and wind. The reasons offered by these opponents amount to a smoke screen for their true motivation—interfering with the implementation of clean energy alternatives to the products produced and used by their political patrons, coal and oil.

Outraged yet? Then here’s a chance to add your voice to those telling legislative leaders to stop trying to block clean energy development.

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